What Else Do We Do?


LINC partners with your leadership team and key lay leaders in your church to tailor make a biblical discipleship strategy based upon your churches strengths, vision and values.  Some of our work includes but is not limited to:

  1. Helping identify the person your church is uniquely designed to produce.
  2. Helping align action to outcome.
  3. Creating strategic pathways and training leaders to build, sustain and develop ownership of the biblical mission to present everyone mature in Christ.


Leadership is influence and each of us is Wired for Influence by God.  LINC helps you and your team discover their own leadership personality.   This training strengthens the unity, impact and communication of your team by building an appreciation for the uniqueness of your wiring, providing communication processes and helping develop align your vision and values to the edge of your organization.  We work directly with your team, building strategies that help ensure you have the right people working in the right places.

(This training can be done in a session, over a weekend or as ongoing coaching.  For maximum impact we suggest the ongoing coaching.)


LINC specializes in training people to build relationships that build ministry. Moving past “Hi, How are you?” to more in-depth relationship need not be awkward or intimidating.  With over 25 years of experience in relational ministry at your disposal you will discover the power of well placed questions, how to connect on a personal level without overwhelming a person, how to pray with and for others and how to create a culture of relationships that matter.

This 90 minute training is highly effective with small group leaders, ministry teams, lay pastors, paid staff and volunteers and is especially effective with youth ministry teams.

LINC also has great resources for Marriage, Parenting and Men’s Retreats, Conferences and Training.


Choices That Make Champions – This series is specifically focused on four key choices parents make that help develop their kids into Champions.

Communication Matters! –  Did you know that every home has 5 basic forms of communication?  This series uncovers these 5 forms of communication and reveals how to excel in each of them.


Because I Promised – Every marriage relationship begins with a set of promises, we call them vows.  This series unpacks the power of keeping these promises and gives practical insight into integrating your vows at a part of your foundation.

What TV Never Taught Me About Family – There are no normal families.  This series takes a fun but insightful look at the myths of a normal family.  In this series we focus on communication, conflict resolution, strategic care and how to blueprint a rock solid marriage.

Four Words Guaranteed to Make Your Marriage Thrive – This series is focused on God’s design for marriage.  The Four Words will bring a new strength to the marriages in your church.


Take Aim – Greatness is within the grasp of every man but far too often we fail to aim at being great.  This series challenges and encourages men with practical and insightful ways of thinking and acting that will help any man be great.

LINC is designed to service the church.  We help you provide Marriage Retreats, engagement retreats, Men’s retreats and special community events.  Also, LINC will come to you and help develop and build your ministry to its fullest potential.

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